The D.E.W.S program was started by Brigitte Blais in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada in response to her frustration when trying to communicate with other dog owners on the pathway. Her dog Diesel, a Bull Mastiff, just wasn’t that great with other dogs as well as Diesel was recovering from an ACL surgery, had degeneration in her lower spine, displasia in both hips, and her breeder had never socialized her as a puppy. Despite her imposing size, many dog owners would let their dogs  run up to her.  Diesel was  protective and generally took offense when other dogs ran at her, so Brigitte kept Diesel on a leash at all times. As you might suspect, trying to control a 120+ lb dog was not a fun job and Brigitte found herself wishing there was a way to let other owners know at a glance that Diesel was not reliably dog friendly.

So, she came up with a simple system. Dogs would wear bandanas! Red ones for dogs that should be avoided, yellow ones for dogs that cannot be approached by other dogs but who love interaction with people providing strangers gain instructed from a distance about how their dog must be approached, and green ones for dogs that love other dogs! It was brilliant. This website is dedicated to educating the public regarding this system so that  people can enjoy walks near other dogs without worry.  The D.E.W.S., Dog Early Warning System, is a simple way to communicate at a distance, whether or not unfamiliar dogs may be approached!