We’re Proud to Announce New Partnerships

DEWS is proud to announce new partnerships with organizations that share our passion for keeping the interactions between pets and children safe. Going forward, we hope to continue to promote the DEWS system and work to further each other’s causes.

DEWS is thrilled to have gained Dr. Dunbar’s permission to post weekly quotations from his internationally acclaimed book, How To Teach a New Dog Old Tricks.  Dr. Dunbar’s books are regarded by readers and trainers as the owner’s Bible for dog training. To learn more about Dr. Dunbar’s course material, many books and storied personal history as a British TV personality and founder of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, please visit his website at:

Canine Second Chance Rescue & Rehabilitation

We are grateful to announce that Canine Second Chance has partnered with DEWS!  CSC is a volunteer run, Non Profit whose mission is to help find loving safe homes for abused, starving and needy dogs and puppies. They are located in Leduc County, AB where they provide their rescues with  medical care, vaccinations, spaying/ neutering and fostering until a suitable forever home is located no matter how long it takes.  For more info regarding this worthy organization please visit:

“Behavioural training that speaks to your dog”

It is with pleasure that we announce our partnership with FURRY LOGIC, Home Dog Training which engages you in a fun and good natured educational process that builds upon the bond you already have with your dog. They help you to help him become a respectful and obedient companion and neighbour while respecting all of his qualities as a dog. For more information please visit their website at:

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Fur-Ever Homes Rescue, a Non Profit whose primary goal is to rescue distressed pets, both locally and internationally, and to offer temporary care at their facility until caring homes in the Calgary area may be found. They assist their community by offering a free spay/neuter program, offering public education and helping fellow organizations. For more information on their charitable work you may visit their site at:

DEWS is delighted to announce its new partnership with CAWS (Community Animal Welfare Society), a No Kill rescue of 20 years that has twice won the ‘Utah Animal Organization of the Year’ award and was named by the Salt Lake Magazine as the ‘Best Place to Adopt a Pet”. Their mission is to work with the community to help animals and they provide multiple rescue shelters, foster, education and adoption programs by way of donations and the work of many volunteers. To learn more about their organization please visit their website at:

DEWS is excited to announce our partnership with Charlee’s Angels for the Animals, whose mission is to network with animal lovers and organizations to help find, rescue, relocate, educate, raise awareness or funds, and rehome animals in Edmonton (and area), Alberta, Can.

We are happy to acknowledge our partnership with Humane Animal Rescue team, a non-profit committed to rescuing dogs from rural areas surrounding Edmonton AB and placing them in permanent homes as well as providing programs to promote responsible dog ownership, the prevention of animal cruelty, and the reduction of unwanted animals through spay and neutering.

For information about fostering, adoptions or volunteering please contact them through their website at:

DEWS is pleased to welcome Ridge Rescue Society, a no-kill Alberta rescue, to our family of partners.  The mission of their volunteer-run organization is “To provide forever lasting love, care, and homes for those animals that once were unwanted, neglected, surrendered, abandoned, abused, and homeless.” For more information about the scope of their important work you may visit their website at:



Heaven Can Wait Heaven provides shelter, care and nourishment to abandoned, abused and homeless domestic animals within High River and the surrounding area, and promotes adoptions for the animals through advertising, media, event planning, internet, open houses, and networking to promote adoptions. They also trap and alter feral preventing thousands of unwanted births. For more information, please visit:


Alberta Lost Pet locators provides services for rescued dogs which include free pick up within a 4 hour area of their heated facility, quarantine before transferring to other rescues, vaccinations, debugging and any needed vet care, grooming, socialization, and rehabilitation or sanctuary for dogs with behavior issues.  They originated and developed signage for the Block Pet Watch program which may be seen at:

Cops for Canine Compassion

The Face Book Page for Cops for Canine Compassion is a vehicle which acts as a public forum for animal welfare centered around the reporting animal cruelty and dog fighting rings. Public education at community events brings awareness to this issue.  To make contact, please visit:


Becky Ferguson, owner of Furever Reflections Pet and Family Photography, has graciously donated her professional skills to provide a weekly photograph for posting on the DEWS Face Book featuring a dog in need of adoption from amongst the rescues at Heaven Can Wait.  Becky grew up surrounded by animals – at one point there were 16 pets in her home:  4 dogs, 3 cats, 2 chinchillas and 6 sugar gliders – and it was her love for pets that moved her to capture them on film. In her spare moments, Becky provides similar photos of adoptable dogs for AARCS and Fur-Ever Homes. A gallery of her work may be seen at: , and you may contact Becky at: to discuss affordable options for your family’s portraits which include your beloved pets.

Mia Staysko, of White Lotus Interiors, volunteers to do graphics for our weekly posting of a photo of a rescue from Heaven Can Wait.  We are grateful for her artful placement text which includes a quote from Dr. Dunbar’s Book, How To Teach a New Dog Old Tricks. Please check out her Interior Decorating site at:

Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue is a Non Profit run by volunteers that is dedicated to saving adoptable dogs and cats slated for euthanization.  Each animal is given loving care, training and provided with necessary medical care such as vaccinations and spay/neutering through foster families, and our Safe Haven or our transported to reputable rescues and no-kill shelters where adoption awaits them.  For more information please visit their website at:


Rollover Premium Pet Food is proud to be the original North American producer of all-natural, semi-soft dog food rolls. They ALWAYS use a high quality protein, real meat, as the first ingredient and never use artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, as well as have NEVER used rendered materials, bone meal, soy, fillers or risk materials in any of our products. Rollover has generously offered to supply DEWS with treats to give away at community events – See more at:  

Sundance Canine Rescue Society is a Non Profit that relies on volunteers and donations for its operation.  They provide a safe haven for all of Alberta’s abused, neglected and unwanted canines and their mission includes community education on responsible pet ownership, the removal of distressed dogs and the hosting of adoption events to find homes for rehabilitated canines. To learn more about their important work, please visit:

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