A very special thanks to Casey Adams of DC Signs and Designs

Casey has graciously donated his professional expertise, creativity, time, materials and heat printing equipment to help with our bandana production, the development of our business logo, business cards, car decals, and event signage. The gift of his commitment has been an encouragement to us and has been a backbone of support for our non profit business, through his artful presentation of our concept. Casey has done all of this while busy with his own business and his extra involvement in sprint car racing.

Visit Casey in Leduc Alberta at DC Sings and Designs,


Guest Article by Merla Thomson

For over 40 years Merla Thomson has personally raised, trained, and shown some of Canada’s top dogs, and for the last ten years, has published Canine Review, Canada’s oldest independent dog magazine. Merla is currently licensed to judge a few breeds and is a huge proponent of socializing dogs to be good citizens in the community.


When I first saw the DEWS program, I immediately felt it was an excellent way to make our walkways, and parks more harmonious, even for those who do not have dogs. It’s easy for towns and cities to implement and even easier for folks to abide by.

Everyone knows that the basic phrase “stop, wait and go” is often used in association with the traffic lights. Even my 8 year old grandson knew, without my telling him, what the colours stood for. I asked him what he thought these bandanas would mean if he saw them on a dog. He immediately interpreted the meaning of the red bandana as “STOP!” and added, ”Means maybe I shouldn’t go near that dog”. He uncertainly ventured “WAIT” for yellow, and said green meant “GO! Because the dog is ok to go to”. Continue reading