St Paul’s Animal Shelter promotes DEWS

We would like to acknowledge Trish Ellis, the manager of St. Paul’s Animal Shelter for her dedicated work in the care of misplaced or displaced animals.  She goes over and above, doing behavior assessments, animal training and advocacy work in her town and through other organizations. Trish is promoting the use of a tracking system to her town’s administration, that uses QR code dog tags, to identify lost pets and match it to a data base which contains the owner’s contact information, the animal’s registration with the town, whether or not it has a ‘chip’, as well as its medical history.

Trish is actively promoting DEWS bandanas in her community by mentioning DEWS on her weekly radio spot, taking DEWS promotional material to community and national organization meetings and she is in communication with her town council about adopting the DEWS system for their local parks and walking trails. Trish is thrilled about DEWS saying “Children will get it!” She’s using DEWS bandanas when walking the dogs from her shelter around town in order to educate her community about the DEWS system.