Dog Aggression, A Simple Learned Behavior?


Guest Article by “J-C” St-Louis – Canine Behaviourist

“J-C” is a former Calgary Police K-9 Handler and Breeding Coordinator. He is full time consultant with over 30 years experience who does assessments and private one-on-one, in-home training, and he also receives referrals by veterinarians. “J-C” has offered his ongoing active support in the promotion of the DEWS safety system and has graciously attended with us to lend his support of DEWS at a recent trade show.

Dog Aggression, A Simple Learned Behavior?

A very common misconception in the dog world is that the problem of aggression primarily occurs as a direct result of learned behaviours, which are sometimes exacerbated by the inability or neglect of owners to properly prevent them from occurring in the first place. This idea has been floating around for quite a while and seems to have experienced a resurgence over the last few years, partially because of the advent of popular, folklorish, pseudo-scientifically based dog training TV shows, but also mainly because of the lack of general knowledge and understanding from the average dog owner all the way up to the “so- called” experts. The issue definitely demands our attention and there certainly seems to be evidence to show that, indeed very often the above claims are accurate, but this is a huge oversimplification. Continue reading

Help For Desperate Dog Owners

We’d bet our bottom dollar that most dog owners want to be responsible. They really do. They try to be the best doggie owners possible. But despite our best efforts we sometimes feel as though we fall short.

Some dogs, it seems, were meant to test our mettle. They can be absolute sweethearts at home with our family, but something changes once they hit the streets. They become frothing, pulling, crazed and sometimes aggressive, little beasts (or sometimes big beasts).

To add to our mounting frustration, other dog owners just don’t seem to get it. Just because their dog is friendly and ‘just wants to play’, doesn’t mean ours is and when they allow little fluffy to run off leash right toward our otherwise sweet beast, trouble is bound to follow!